Making your Senior Portraits fun!

Senior Portraits should be a highlight as you embark on your Senior year.  As you begin the planning process for your session (hopefully with us at Picture Place!), here are a few helpful tips that will help you really enjoy the experience:

• Be yourself.  This is YOUR chance to show the world who you are.  Bring whatever props, outfits or accessories that help define who you are.

• Choose a variety of outfits.  Formal, casual, fun and activities are a good place to start.  We suggest a variety of looks, colors, styles… to give you a better range of options for us to work with during your session.

• Speak Up!  Let your photographer know what you like, and what you don’t.  Picture Place goes out of our way to make sure you are getting what you want. Keep checking our website as we update and add more looks as we go.

• Have a favorite location?  Let us know!  Our session options list a few suggestions, but if your backyard looks like a park, or you want to go to your favorite spot, ball field, grandmas house…let us know and we’ll see if we can work it in for you.  GO WHERE YOU WANT, GET WHAT YOU WANT only from Picture Place.

• Don’t get nervous.  We’ll make the entire process relaxing and fun.  Our entire staff works hard on making your portrait experience comfortable and easy for you. Barry puts everyone at ease behind the camera.  Bring your mom, a friend, whoever you’d like, we’ll have a great time together!

• Got a crazy idea?  Great!  Let us know when you book your session, or talk to Barry when you arrive.  No idea is a dumb idea.  We’ll do our best to work in your wackiest ideas!

• Have no idea what to bring, or what to wear?  No problem, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through what you need to know.

Call us at 651-426-0232 to book your session.  Times keep filling up so call now to grab a time that works for you.


Why you NEED a professional photographer for your wedding.

“Maybe instead of a five-course meal, you could have hors d’oeuvres; but don’t cut the budget on photography” – Anna Marie HuffmanOctober 2009 Bride

It seems like everyone has a camera these days, so it makes it tough for brides to realize how the photographer can make or break their wedding day.

The Best Brides
It’s not always the bride with the biggest budget or the most beautiful wedding setup that makes the perfect day. Often, it’s the attitude that makes the difference.  Photography lives on perpetually. It’s what you have at the end.
Personally, my favorite brides over the years have always been the ones that took the time to really think about what they wanted from their wedding photography experience.
Meeting your Photographer
Perfection is what all brides want (in a variety of definitions), and perfection is what professional photographers can help provide. First, though, the bride has to find her photographer. It is shocking how many brides don’t take the time to meet their photographer before booking-big mistake!

What Brides Want Brides to Remember
Yes, all brides want “pretty pictures”; but when budget crunch time comes, photography is often an area where they’re tempted to cut corners.

The worst idea is to turn over your photography to  friends who “have a friend with a pretty good camera”: “You only get married once—don’t trust it to maybe ‘good enough.’ It’s give and take, but you can budget the rest of your wedding and still do phenomenal things. Maybe instead of a five-course meal, you could have hors d’oeuvres; but don’t cut the budget on photography. No one’s going to say they had a bad time at your wedding because the linens were cotton, not silk. But you WILL look back at your photographs.”

Taking the next step:  We’d love to chat with you about your big day.  Whether you book us or not, we have plenty of experience with weddings that can really help you find your way through the wedding planning process. We’re now offering a range of video services and offer coverages starting at $1500 with options for every budget.

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new and improved Picture Place Blog!

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