Be thankful for value, not price in your portraits.

The Groupon, Living Social buzz has created yet one more controversial thing for photographers to deal with.  For those of you that haven’t signed up for these daily deals, they are simply a highly discounted offer (goods or service) that get shot out to a massive audience, and customers have typically only one day to “grab the deal”.  Photographers are (to no surprise) one of the hottest vendors in this new craze.

Picture Place is looking into the options, and we may well do one some day as a way to try to expand our customer base, but it won’t change our approach to delivering great results, a great experience, and a great value for every client.  The campaign could be effective, if used right.  A close friend (photographer) had a client boast about a Groupon photography deal she grabbed, and when she posted the result on Facebook, well, sadly, she got what she paid for…

Too many photographers are making price the most important factor in marketing their photography.  Picture Place has been able to provide incredible value to our customers because of our willingness to aggressively discount certain items at certain times of the year.

With so many photographers giving away their time and talent, it makes it difficult to compete, and impossible to survive if all we want to talk about is price price price.

Anyone who thinks price is overrated though needs only look at the chaos that is Black Friday.  Yes, we all want a great deal, and that is worse than ever with a struggling economy, high gas prices, increasing taxes…

Photographers need to be able to be compensated for the incredible amount of time, and investment required to become truly great in this profession.  Picture Place has been balancing the price/value equation for 30 years which allows us to keep growing and improving what we do for our valued clients.

Every week I seem to hear another story or two from a customer sharing a really bad experience, at the hands of a photographer that seemed to know what they were doing, were a “great deal”, but ultimately came up short on the results.  We chat about this a great deal on hosted by my good friend Gavin Seim.  I participate regularly on a roundtable panel as a way to give back to the industry through this regular podcast.

To any  future and prospective Picture Place clients, I welcome the challenge to provide awesome portraits, a fun and rewarding experience, and a value you will be thrilled to get.  I recently worked with a family who brought 2 of the cutest kids you’ll ever see in for portraits. We had a blast, and the customer has purchased multiple canvas wall portraits for their home and the proud grandparents.  This customer had multiple bad experiences with cheap photographers.  I suspect I have a client for many years to come.

I have been a big fan of BOSE audio products for many years. Their products are not cheap. But they deliver incredible sound, are built well and last a long long time.  I once had a power adaptor that developed a bad connection. Fully expecting to have to purchase a new power supply, they amazed me by offering to just replace the entire unit, after I had owned it for 2 years!  Now that’s customer service!

So as we gather around the table on Thursday, I encourage us all to also be truly thankful for vendors we deal with who are willing to help us get what we really want, and are able to demonstrate that value beats price every day of the week.  Call me anytime at 651-426-0232 for more information on how I can help you decorate your home with portraits of the people in your life that make it all worthwhile.

From all of us at Picture Place, have a great Thanksgiving with your family!




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