Focusing on what matters

It’ been an interesting few weeks.  The death of the iconic Whitney Houston was hard to miss.  The national spectacle of the death of a celebrity is in many ways very silly.  Every day there are heroes among us that pass away virtually un-noticed.  While I never look forward to attending a funeral, I am drawn to spending time looking at, what else, the pictures that the family has displayed.  It is good to see the Memories and Milestones of a departed soul, and it really underscores how important every business portrait, senior portrait, family and wedding I photography truly is.

The Academy Awards amaze me at how superficial “beauty” is in so many areas in our society.  I would much prefer creating a portrait, of a 17 year old athlete or music student than any of these overpaid celebrities.

Granted, I generally get to see people at their best, in the good times of life.  I have always enjoyed getting to know my clients and find that the more I get to know them, the better our results are together.

Recently I was asked how often a family should get portraits taken.  Without question, every 3-5 years is a very conservative timeframe, that few are able to maintain.  Capturing people, at their best is what I do.  Please consider updating your professional/business portrait, and gather up the kids and do some updated family portraits.

So we’ll continue to do everything we can to provide a fantastic portrait experience.  We’ll focus on you, because that’s what really matters for both of us.

Call me anytime to chat about ideas and to find out how affordable these truly priceless portraits can be for you.  

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Save your files, save your memories

This is a “Public Service Announcement” style blog from your friends at

Digital photography has over taken our lives, or so it would seem now as we capture the moments of our lives using everything from our iPhones, to expensive DSLR cameras.  The convenience, and instant gratification of digital photography makes it more fun, and easier than ever to record life’s fun moments.  We talk about the “Milestones & Memories” of the life of your family at Picture Place, and are committed to help you do that with a wide range of professional portrait and event coverage services.

The challenge we all face is to manage all these digital memories/files.  We all used to laugh at the shoe boxes full of negatives we all had from the years of birthday parties, family events and vacations.  It may not have been elegant, but in many ways, we all did a better job “archiving” our memories, than we do now.

How many of the highlights of your life are sitting on your phone, or on a computer right now?  How many pictures would you lose if your computer crashed tomorrow, or of you dropped your phone in the lake?  How many of us if asked to find a picture from that fun trip in 2004 could pull it up easily, if at all?

Meanwhile, the camera technology is advancing faster than ever before.  Nikon just announced a new 36MP camera that us professionals are drooling over.  The new mirror less camera systems are opening new frontiers unleashing options like 60 frames a second for wonderful new action and sequence photography and the HD video capture while impressive, generates massive files. I’ve mentioned before how impressed I am with the camera in my new iPhone 4s (did you know the iPhone can shoot vertical video?).  And what is the common thread in all of this?  Bigger files, and lots more of them.

I encourage everyone to commit to a plan to get your data storage under control in 2012.  It’s not easy, but the cost of external storage has gotten pretty reasonable.  In addition to planning on additional storage to consolidate all your stuff, you should also be planning on how to backup the storage plan, just in case.  Sadly, hard drives fail.  Computers crash, brand new hard drives can fail at anytime, and recovering lost data is just no fun and is very expensive.

I first started by burning CD’s of various pictures and movies.  That was cute when I had 4MP and 6MP cameras.  With captures now in the neighborhood of 69MB and more per shot, the amount of time needed just to burn DVD’s is staggering, so disc burning isn’t too practical anymore.

An easy first step is to wander in to any Apple store and start up a conversation with someone there. The new iCloud storage is an interesting option. Whether you have a Mac, or not, it’s a great resource to start with to begin figuring it out. There are other “cloud” services available, most tied to various fees.  As great as it is to share our lives through our digital pictures in emails, Facebook and Google Plus, there is something to be said for making prints and putting them into albums, just like the good old days.

I’d love to hear from you on how you are solving this dilemma. I’d be happy to answer your questions and help you along this journey any way I can.  As always, don’t forget about Picture Place to allow us to capture and preserve the Milestones & Memories of the life of your family.

Oh, and I’d love to see those shots from 2004…

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