Hands down, posing makes a difference

I received a catalogue recently from a portrait background company.  The picture on the back cover was awful. Not only was the camera angle a poor choice, the model had an odd expression (at best) and her arm/hand placement was terrible.

Allow me to explain my view.  While this company is just selling backgrounds, it shocks me that such a poor representation of a portrait would be showcased.  I started a brief discussion with two of my close photographer friends which led me to this morning’s post.

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know that I have not been shy calling out the work and effort of many of the new “professionals” entering this business.  I read some of their blogs and Facebook mentions of not ever posing people, just being a “lifestyle” photographer capturing life’s sweet moments…blah blah blah.

Posing has gotten a bad rap.  A great pose appears totally natural, relaxed and DOES NOT DISTRACT the viewer from the subject being photographed.  Many photographers think the pose stops at turning the shoulders, and maybe tipping the head.  Arms and hands that are well placed, well positioned and properly angled often “finish” the pose resulting in a great image.





These examples touch on a few ways I use hands to accent and complete a portrait.

I have a reputation of an eye for detail, yet I can produce images very quickly, which is very important in keeping a good energy level with my subjects.  The best pose in the world is ruined every time if the expression is dull and flat.

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If it were easy, everyone would be a photographer, oh wait…

There was a day when people would be mildly impressed that you were a professional photographer.  Now, the discovery that you are a professional photographer is too often followed up with “so is my (insert daughter, cousin’s kid, babysitter, next door neighbor’s dog…)”.

This is a very busy week for Picture Place.  We just finished the first of four nights of shooting at 4th Street Dance Center in White Bear.  I was chatting with a parent last night at the shoot who actually understood just what an under taking such a week of pictures truly is.  Taking pictures is easy.  Managing all the equipment, cameras, lights, personnel , dance instructors, time management, backing up and archiving the images, preparing the files for production on a tight delivery schedule is all is quite a process.


Taking pictures, and the business of professional photography while related, are not the same.  In one evening, I not only managed this massive event, but I talked with one perspective bride, 2 moms about senior portraits and one mom about doing some family portraits.   The future of the profession does not depend on the next great camera (they just keep getting better, cheaper, easier to use).  It depends on responsible, dedicated and talented photographers educating the masses that professionalism might just be the key missing element of too much of the profession at present.


Come visit me anytime at 4th Street, I’m here all week.

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