It is the Bride’s day…

I have photographed weddings for over 30 years. I have seen it all, and probably should write a book someday.  While there has been a trend to “candid”, “photojournalism” style photography, I always work in some dramatic images.  It is very rewarding to create stunning images, like this one without the use of any automated exposure.  This image was carefully backlit with a portable strobe (on 1/8th power) and I dragged the shutter speed down just far enough to open up the warm ambient light at the front of the church.  I could have adjusted the white balance to get more natural colors on the alter, but I wanted the color contrast to add drama to the framing and composition of the bride in the aisle.


I love the classic lines and elegant simplicity of this image.  Call me to discuss your wedding day. I won’t offer you 4000 pictures on a disc, but I will create a collection of images that will amaze you. Set your wedding apart from your friends and hire a seasoned pro.  Barry – Picture Place Photography – 651-426-0232



Sealed with a Kiss

Engagement sessions are a blast!  The groom to be from this session brought his dog along.  It was comical trying to work with them above the zeal of the barking dog who was none too please to be tied up around tree after tree.

After getting a few adorable pictures with the dog, I asked that they kiss, and that one of them make some kind of noise to get the dogs attention.  I got exactly what I was looking for!  The dog giving a wet kiss to his master (I wonder if that dog is just a little jealous these days…).

I really enjoy spending time with couples long before their wedding day. Building a good relationship with my clients is an essential part of our success.

Pets are great.  We encourage folks to include them.  Give us a call anytime to schedule your senior portrait, family or engagement session at 651-426-0232.

When to hire a pro

I just received an interesting email with the heading: “When to hire a handyman and when to hire a pro”.  Here’s the framework provided for this article:

 When trying to determine who you should hire for a particular job, consider the task. If it’s a specialized trade, be sure you hire that tradesperson like a plumber or electrician, for example. If it’s little things that you can do yourself, a handyman is probably the right way to go.”

Hiring a photographer is no different.  We’ve all heard stories, and probably had neighbors that hired poorly for a home project, remodel, deck… and paid the price.  So what’s at stake if you hire the wrong photographer?  Only your priceless memories… 

I will be photographing my 3rd wedding in 3 weeks Friday night.  The bride originally hired a photographer with little experience, but who had “some really nice shots on facebook”.  Turns out, she never actually shot a wedding (just posted pictures she snapped at a friends wedding she attended).  Lucky for this bride, she figured that out before it was too late and I was available for her date.

When choosing a photographer, do it right, do it well.  I photographed a family yesterday who wanted family pictures in their yard, inside their home, and at an outdoor hockey rink, but had less than an hour to pull it off.  I arrived early, setup the necessary lighting for the backyard, and in home portraits.  I had a plan in mind, we worked efficiently and had time to head to the rink.  Did I mention that it was 92 degrees, and full sun?  That provides a rather sizable technical challenge, but as you can see, the results are fantastic.


So whether you are choosing a photographer for a family portrait, high school senior, business portraits or a wedding, choose well.  Call me anytime at 651-426-0232.  Together, we’ll do it right!


Picture Place Photography


Go ahead, make my day


Senior Portraits are for guys too… I recently was asked to critique some senior marketing materials for a studio who heard me on one of the podcasts at that I appear on regularly.

Their images were decent, but there were only 4 seniors in the material, and they were all girls.  When I brought this to their attention, I got the response that only pretty girls really want good senior pictures.

I disagree.  The interest level in getting awesome senior portraits has dramatically increased in recent years from our male seniors. We love the variety of interests guys want to showcase.  Sports, Hunting, Fishing, Music and more.  Sure, mom wants nice, formal portraits (ok, for grandma) and for the yearbook. We’ll always include the basics, and then will work with you in creating a collection of images any man’s man will be proud to share.

 Look no further than Picture Place for senior portraits that really show everyone just how cool you really are.

Very few photographers are able to offer in-studio portraits.  I love unleashing my full arsenal of lighting experience, tools and techniques to create stunning portraits of all athletes (guys & gals), outdoor lovers and musicians.

So go ahead, make my day and call Picture Place at 651-426-0232 to schedule senior portraits that accent how tough a guy you really are.