Notably cool



Senior portraits on location are exciting, and can be quite challenging.

We had a short amount of time for this location portion of the session. This building is in downtown Minneapolis, and the sun was close to dropping behind the building.  The glass buildings across the street provided some interesting reflection/fill, but the clock was ticking as the sun was dropping fast.



The other tiny little problem was that this parking lot was jammed with cars, 8 rows deep which really limited my options.  The student is an accomplished musical theatre student, so this location was ideal.



Just as we were concluding our session, I had a wild idea to use my beloved 10.5mm fisheye lens.

The blue sky (of an almost fall afternoon) setup a unique opportunity for this shot.  I added as much flash fill as I could achieve with the limitations given by the 180 degree field of view of the lens.  Capturing several landmark buildings of Minneapolis, including of course the famous music wall made for a great image.



Have a great idea for a new location for some senior portraits?  Call me anytime, I’d love to hear your ideas, or schedule a session with you!  Picture Place 651-426-0232

Have a great year Class of Twenty 13!



Lions, Tigers and Bears (and portraits)

I was asked recently if I would meet a Class of 2013 senior at our local zoo for her senior portraits. Frequent visits to the zoo with her grandfather as a young girl, made this the perfect site for her portraits.

I packed up my Nikon D700, a shoulder bag full of lenses and my trusty SB900 flash on a radio trigger, and headed to the zoo.  The technical challenges included:  The busiest day of the summer at the zoo (zillions of people, with far too many huge strollers), high sun, few clouds, middle of the day and we had about an hour scheduled to get it all done.

The key to a fantastic senior portrait experience is to collaborate and capture images that shows off the personality of every student we photograph.

We were thrilled with the results, and I am already excited to photograph my next senior at the zoo!  Call us at 651-426-0232

Make every shot count, even when it’s for fun.

I am amazed at the poor quality of images I see almost daily on Facebook.  Even fellow photographers from time to time post pictures that just aren’t all that great technically, artistically and compositionally.

My daughter got engaged a short time ago, and the proposal happened at our cabin, with both families (parents and one sibling at least) part of the top secret event.  I had no idea what kind of images I would capture, but I had the sense that the opportunity to create something magical was certainly a good possibility.

When the couple returned from their dinner cruise on the lake, we greeted them, and had just a few minutes of some pretty sweet lighting so I sprang into action.  It was exciting to be able to apply my skills to execute and create some spectacular images for the couple.  While I prefer the pace of my normal planned engagement sessions, working under pressure (especially with your own daughter) sure adds to the moment.  Call me to setup your engagement, portrait session or wedding at 651-426-0232

Enjoy these two images!