Start your own Family Portrait Tradition

I have had the honor of photographing the Oanes family for the last 15 years before Christmas.  Each year, they get in front of my camera and we capture a simple, vertically cropped family portrait.  Creating a vertical grouping has gotten increasingly challenging as spouses and grandchildren have entered the picture (pun intended).

The family has been telling me for years how the pictures line the walls of the staircase, and now wrap around the hallway between the doors.  I had to see it for myself so I personally delivered this year’s order.

It was very fun for me to walk down memory lane and recall each session (seeing what background, grouping, lighting I used).   Having gotten to know the family, it was cool to see the kids grow up (while the parents of course never changed).  The two things I can always count on seeing is dogs, and some Harley-Davidson gear.

Start the new year with your own resolution to start such a tradition.  It’s not too late to get the family gathered for your first, in a series of annual family portraits.

Give us a call at 651-426-0232 and clear some wall space, this will be epic.

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